Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM software provides the tools to help maintain positive customer and supplier relationships. From the initial marketing campaign and sales contacts to customer and technical support calls, CRM captures, manages and tracks the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system. Because our CRM is incorporated with the entire ERP software solution, all areas are connected to eliminate duplicate data entry and wasted time jumping between various unrelated and stand-alone packages.

Better Selling and Negotiation

Engage with customers in their buying decisions and grow overall selling

Real time Revenue Reports

Get cumulative reports, personalized as per your business needs

Deep Customer Insights

Get a 360° view of your customers and track their entire journey in CRM right from your device

Support Ticketing System

Dynamic ticketing system for better management and transparency in communication

Run Surveys Feedbacks

The CRM will help to define custom survey forms and get relevant feedback from customers

Advantages :
  • Customer, supplier and partner support management
  • Complete visibility of ALL customer interactions
  • Link supporting detail directly to customer or supplier calls
  • Complete sales, support, purchase and shipping history
  • Customer/Supplier service tracking and answer book Integrated event calendar and alert system
  • Complete "support" and call centre functionality
  • Central storage

Transforming Business with power of Artificial Intelligence

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