Network Camera

Network Camera

IP cameras use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees. IP cameras offer superb image quality, low bandwidth and less storage requirements. Our broad range of cameras include indoor, outdoor, box, and PTZs—in VGA, high definition, and megapixel resolutions. ATSPL provides a comprehensive line of cameras that offers the flexibility and versatility required by the most demanding customer. Discreet and stylish high-quality bullet-style cameras are designed with aesthetics, flexibility and ease-of-installation in mind. ATSPL created several solutions for camera lines for extreme applications demanding specific features not offered by standard products.

Offers world-class lenses for both indoor and outdoor performance. IP based cameras help to view remote locations. Leading-edge pan/tilt/zoom camera system offers world-class performance and seamless system integration. The lineup includes multiple housing configurations and camera systems so you can choose the PTZ that’s best for your application.

Types of Cameras :
  • SD Fixed Dome
  • HD / IP Fixed Cameras
  • HD / IP PTZ Cameras
  • HD / IP PTZ Dome
  • HD / IP Fixed Dome
  • SD Fixed Cameras

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